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About us - Our Group

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Sudbury Ramblers is a Group of walkers within the Suffolk Area of The Ramblers Association.

We are a charity whose aims are to encourage walking, to protect rights of way, to develop walks and to defend the beauty of the countryside for the benefit of all. 

The Group offers about 50 led walks every year by our members which are usually of 5 - 7 miles in length and suitable for people of most levels of fitness. They usually take place on Wednesdays and at weekends. Shorter evening walks are organised in the summer, starting and finishing at a local pub or café with a chance for refreshments and to socialise with other members. As well as taking the opportunity to get fit, ramblers get to see parts of the landscape they might never have thought to explore.

We are very happy for guests and non-members to join us for a few of our led walks before deciding to join the Ramblers. As a member of the Ramblers Association you are able to join and walk with any other Group in the country.


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Contacting Us

If you encounter a problem on your walk - e.g. a broken stile, missing marker post or footpath blocked, please do get in touch. Use the Path Problems menu option.

For any information about our walks use Contact Us, under Home on the Menu. Click on the Name of the relevant Officer and send an email. We will get back to you as soon as we can.   


Walks Programme

Our walks programme can be viewed from our main Menu, or from the National Ramblers site, and it's also available for download as a .pdf file if you want to print it out.

There are walking notes too. If you would like to try your hand at leading a walk, we have a library of walks available, and we will provide help to plan and research it.

A map showing walks led by Ramblers groups within the East Anglian area is here too. Explore it for more details.


Walk Tools

Here there is an easy grid reference/Post Code finder, so that you can see where any walk starts from.

Walks can be planned using Plan a Walk option, which shows the Ordinance Survey map of any area you choose. 
You can select points on the map to draw a walk route. The whole route and mileage of the walk will be shown, and the walk can be printed out. 

Our Programme Co-ordinator is always searching for additional walks, so if you have any ideas please send them, and hopefully we'll include them in our future programme.


Where We've been and Where we're going

Our Photo Gallery has pictures from our recent walks and holidays.

Information on our Forthcoming Holidays & Outings is available too.

Write-ups of recent holidays and other events are under News/Your Say, as is our Latest Newsletter.



There is information here for Ramblers members and volunteers, and about Ramblers holidays, also on other local walking sites, both those of the Ramblers and of other organisations.

There is also general walking and insurance advice, and a link to the Ordinance Survey for information about the National Grid system.


 Public footpath sign on Boudicca Way

 Enjoy the Walk!


Walks in and around our area

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Shown above are walks from all local Ramblers Groups, including Sudbury.

For more information click here and zoom in on the map for individual walk details.

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Shown above are our walks.  On greyed out dates there are no planned walks.

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