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Welcome to our Group Website

About us - Our Group                           

K003DWe are a Group of walkers within the Suffolk Area of The Ramblers Association.  This is a charity whose aims are to encourage walking, to protect rights of way and to defend the beauty of the countryside for the benefit of all.  'Ramblers' have local groups throughout the country and as a member you are welcome to join any Group on one of their led walks, Sudbury Group was formed about 30 years ago and  we have offer a variety of walks, usually meeting on a Wednesdays and Sundays of the month for a 5 - 7 mile walk.. Although our programme is intended primarily for Ramblers members we are very happy for non-members to join us as our guests for a few of our led walks before needing to join the Ramblers. All our walks are listed here and also methods of joining the Ramblers

1. Winter Walking Programme.

The new winter programme is well under way and can be viewed in various forms in the menu above (one form gives directions from your location) or from the ling at the start of this paragraph. The "Our Walks programme" in the drop down menu can be expanded to show the walk details in full, map for the parking area, and Google directions from your start point. The table format is the easiest to print.

Our " Thanks" goes to all the walk leaders for their input into leading walk during the last programme and naturally the same must apply to Rod for compiling the list and uploading it to the Ramblers web site.

Rod Sharp, our Programme Coordinator always is in search for new walks, so please send contributions to him for inclusion into the programme.  There is also a form in the menu (Walks Programme) for submission of any walks and this is sent directly to Rod

 If you encounter any problems in printing the programme, using the on-line mapping system, please contact us and we are only too pleased to help. If you would like to fill in a gap and try your hand at leading a walk, the Group has a library of walks available and help would be forthcoming for both planning and doing the recce's with you.

Finally, we should not forget all those who contribute to the Ramblers, as without their continued financial support, we would soon lose the wonderful system of pathways we have inherited.

2. Photo Gallery

Click on the menu above,"Photo Gallery" & see current pictures of the recent walks. Bring your camera to add your photos to the site. Why not just send and share your Favourite view of Suffolk. Just email them to the Web Master for inclusion.

3. Walks Programme

Our walks are accessible in a number of ways at the top of this page.  Try clicking a walk on the top box labelled "Our next walks" or by using the top drop down menu.  Here they are shown in a number of ways, "Our Walks Programme" will also give a route and distance to the start point.  
We always in need of new walk leaders to be able to fill the new walks programme.  
Printed Walks:  A number of Leaders like to use walks with description.  
Walking in England by John Harris is a web site that lists hundreds of free walks that can be printed for your use.  To have access to these walks, click here.

Give it a try, help is available and we can help with planning, also see Sudbury Walks in the Menu Item for ideas or just contact us.
Please contact Rod Sharp for more information.

4. RA Walk Finder

There is also a link to the main RA Walkfinder  and is based around Sudbury, so if we do not have a planned walk, one may be planned by other Groups and available for you to join them. The RA system will also provide a detailed location map for all walks based not only around Sudbury but can be set to show anywhere in the Country.

5.  Planning a Walk - Look on the drop down menu Walk Tools

Walks can be planned using the new map system which shows the OS map of our area. 
Click a point and then move to the next one and re-click, a line will be drawn between the two points, continue to the end point of the walk. This will show the route and mileage.

It is possible to edit a point and this is described in the help section on the map.

There is an OS map based on Sudbury and this too can be used for planning and printing walks.  At the top left hand of the map, where Ordnanve Survey Map, this can be changed for different views,Roads etc.

Finally, there is a short database of past and new walks in this section already planned for you to try out.

Whilst these are intended to produce a file for use with a Sat Nav system (using a gpx format) it is possible to print using the following easy method with the button combination of "Ctrl and P"

6. Links

Our list of Links gives a number of other sites you might find useful, including membership renewal and, Footpath problem reporting and also a link to a Suffolk Walking Site

Enjoy the Walk!!

Walks Calendar in our area

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Shown on the above Calendar are walks from other local Ramblers Groups NOT just Sudbury.
Click on date and check area for the walk. Direction obtained by clicking here, inserting the post code and yours.

News Flash

Your Committee needs new Officers. – Please volunteer to keep the Group active.

Email Address:   Please ensure Gill Leech has your contact details to ensure you receive up to date news and also save the RA postage costs.

Click  to find out about Ramblers Routes - Find your own way.

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